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Environmental Program

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires the Office of Commercial Space (AST) to integrate environmental values into its decision-making process. AST considers the environmental impacts of proposed actions and reasonable alternatives to those actions in order to make decisions based on an understanding of environmental consequences. AST takes actions that protect, restore, and enhance the environment. These actions are described in the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation Environmental Policy (PDF)

Under the Environmental Review for Licensed/Permitted Commercial Space Transportation Activities, AST analyzes the environmental impacts of proposed licensed and permitted actions, including the licensing of launch and reentry activities, the operation of launch and reentry sites, and the issuing of permits for suborbital reusable rockets. It then takes the appropriate action required under NEPA.

AST also manages the potential environmental consequences of its own operations through a proactive, systematic approach under its Environmental Management System (EMS). Executive Order 13148, Greening the Government through Leadership in Environmental Management, established the EMS requirement for all Federal agencies on April 21, 2000.

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