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Space Florida Shuttle Landing Facility Environmental Assessment


The FAA is announcing the availability of the Final Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact/Record of Decision for the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) Launch Site Operator License (Final EA and FONSI/ROD).

A copy of the Final EA and FONSI/ROD are available on this website for download:

The Final EA addresses the potential environmental impacts of Space Florida's proposal to construct and operate the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) as a launch location for horizontally launched and landed rockets. The SLF encompasses about 4,432 acres of property at Kennedy Space Center, including the 15,000 foot long, 300 foot wide runway. The SLF, which previously supported the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Space Shuttle Program, is now managed by Space Florida. Under the Proposed Action described in the Final EA, Space Florida would construct launch site facilities and the FAA would issue a launch site operator license to Space Florida for the operation of a commercial space launch site at the SLF. This EA may be used to support the issuance of launch licenses or experimental permits to prospective vehicle operators that propose to conduct launches of horizontal takeoff and horizontal landing launch vehicles from the SLF. However, if a prospective launch vehicle operator's vehicle parameters fall outside those analyzed in this EA, the FAA would re-evaluate the potential impacts and, if necessary, prepare additional NEPA analysis.

On August 15, 2018, the FAA published the Draft EA for a 30-day public comment period ending September 17, 2018. In total, four public comments were received. As a result of the comments received, the FAA made minor revisions to the EA.

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