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Launch or Reentry Vehicles

A launch- or reentry-specific license authorizes you to conduct one or more launches or reentries having the same operational parameters of one type of launch or reentry vehicle operating at one launch or reentry site. The license identifies, by name or mission, each activity authorized under the license. Your authorization to operate terminates when you complete all launches or reentries authorized by the license or the expiration date stated in the license, whichever occurs first.

The following steps represent a top-level view of the complete license application process. Documents related to each element of the application process can be found inside the pages.



Operator License

A launch or reentry operator license authorizes you to conduct launches or reentries from one launch or reentry site within a range of operational parameters of launch or reentry vehicles from the same family of vehicles transporting specified classes of payloads or performing specified activities. An operator license remains in effect for two to five years from the date it's issued.

To receive a launch or reentry operator license, you should follow the steps provided for the "Launch – or Reentry-Specific License." The key difference between an operator license and a launch- or reentry-specific license is that a launch- or reentry-specific license licenses only a specific launch or reentry activity. A launch or reentry operator license will allow an operator to perform multiple launches or reentries of the same or similar type.

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