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Office of Commercial Space Transportation

New Commercial Space Transportation Publications

Latest Compendium

Below is the latest Commercial Space Transportation Compendium where you will find information about orbital launch vehicles, suborbital reusable vehicles (SRVs), and on-orbit vehicles and platforms that launched in 2016; commercial and Government launch sites; other commercial ventures, including companies investing in opportunities beyond Earth orbit; regulations related to commercial space transportation; and launch data and analysis, including a review of all orbital launches in 2016.

At the FAA we are always looking for new ways that our user community can access the data we collect. In the coming weeks, the FAA will be posting data files from the compendium for public use.  Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and meet the growing demand for information about this exciting industry!

The Annual Compendium of Commercial Space Transportation 2018 (PDF)

New Industry/Market Publications

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