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Office of Commercial Space Transportation

Commercial Space Transportation Lessons Learned System (CSTLLS)

To ensure safe and successful commercial launch and reentry activities, it is necessary for all involved to learn from past experiences and to share that knowledge with others. The Commercial Space Transportation Lessons Learned System (CSTLLS) is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST) program designed to facilitate the sharing of lessons learned resulting from positive and negative experiences. The CSTLLS provides a central clearinghouse that allows members of the commercial space transportation industry and the interested public to access and submit lessons learned pertaining to commercial space transportation activities and operations. Sharing lessons learned can improve safety while reducing expenses and operating costs by promoting the recurrence of successful outcomes and preventing the recurrence of unsuccessful outcomes.

This provisional site is the first step towards creating an integrated, user-friendly, web-based lessons learned database. In addition to collecting and sharing lessons learned, the purpose of this provisional site is to judge industry and public response to the CSTLLS and solicit opinions and recommendations from participants before the final database development. Once developed, the final database will allow participants to establish profiles, search the CSTLLS, and generate customized lessons learned reports.

Submit a Lesson Learned

For additional information about the CSTLLS or to submit a comment or recommendation, contact:

Jesse Hanson
Commercial Space Transportation Lessons Learned Program Lead
(202) 493-5440

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