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Commercial Space Transportation Lessons Learned System (CSTLLS)

Submit a Lesson Learned

Simply asking, "What worked well or what didn't work so well?" is often the first step in identifying a lesson learned. If you have an experience to share, please take a few minutes to do so. The Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST) accepts lessons learned from all sources.

Submit lessons learned to Please provide a point of contact (POC) with your submittal. We will contact the POC for additional and/or clarifying information if needed during the review process. Although we will accept and make every attempt to validate anonymous submittals, the lessons learned submittals that we are unable to validate will be discarded. Unless granted permission otherwise, we will not identify individuals submitting lessons learned. Public Lesson Learned Submittal Form (MS Word)

Before accepting a lessons learned, we will validate each submittal to ensure that:

  • It meets the needs of the commercial space transportation industry;
  • It is factually and technically correct; and
  • Its recommendations identify a decision, design, or process that prevents the recurrence of an unsuccessful outcome or promotes the recurrence of a successful outcome.

The review also ensures the removal of all sensitive information and approves the document for public release.

Lessons Learned

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