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About the AT-CTI Program

The FAA Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Program is designed to establish partnerships with higher educational institutions to broaden the employment opportunities in the aviation industry, including air traffic controllers. AT-CTI graduates are not guaranteed jobs as air traffic controllers although the FAA considers AT-CTI graduates a valuable hiring source for air traffic control specialist (ATCS) positions.

The goal of the program is to encourage high school graduates to pursue aviation related degrees that will benefit the FAA and aviation as a whole. A number of those pursuing a career as an air traffic controller will not be eligible for employment for various reasons including not passing the prerequisite Air Traffic Skills and Training (ATSAT) test, an aptitude test given to candidates with no previous air traffic control experience. All students should carefully consider a degree that provides them qualifications for other aviation related careers.

AT-CTI Schools

The FAA has agreements with over 30 institutions across the country that have included curriculum that we consider the fundamentals of aviation within their degree programs. The fundamentals include basic information such as aircraft characteristics, weather; airspace; teamwork in aviation, navigation including charts, and search and rescue just to name a few. The degree programs contain much more aviation related material than we require.

Each school submits degrees to be part of the program. Currently, the institutions offer:

  • 15 different Associates
  • 37 Bachelors,
  • 3 Masters degree programs.

A complete list can be found at AT-CTI Schools.

For More Information

For questions related to the AT-CTI Program, see AT-CTI Frequently Asked Questions.

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