On January 28, 1975, the Secretary of Transportation established a task force to examine the overall organizational structure and management approach of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), including FAA’s use of delegations in carrying out its statutory safety mission, and to examine the relationship of the safety mission to the FAA's other missions. On April 30, 1975, the task force submitted its report to the Secretary. The report contained a recommendation for establishment of a standing group composed of air carrier, controller, general aviation, military, and pilot representatives to review air traffic control procedures and practices. FAA established the Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee in response to the recommendation.

The Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee serves the public interest by providing a forum for interaction among the FAA, the military, the airlines, airline pilots, air traffic control personnel, general aviation pilots, business pilots, and their representatives. The level of expertise and balanced viewpoint of this committee have enabled early identification of potential problem areas and accelerated early corrective action, thereby creating greater safety and public confidence in the Nation's air transportation system.