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Special Use Airspace Information Service (SUAIS)

Source: Alaska Supplement


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Special Use Airspace Information Service (SUAIS)

Source: Alaska Supplement

SUAIS is a system operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) under agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Alaskan Region to assist pilots with flight planning and situational awareness while operating in or near certain Military Operations Areas (MOA) and Restricted Areas in interior Alaska. SUAIS provides a means for civil and USAF pilots to obtain �near real-time� flight information regarding military training flight activity. Service primarily covers the area east of Fairbanks and near Delta Junction in Yukon 1, 2 & 3 MOAs, and in the Birch, Buffalo and Eielson MOAs. Additionally, the USAF provides service to anyone within radio range operating near or within R2202, R2205, R2211, and the military training routes (MTR) in this geographic area (see other MTR page in this section for more information).

SUAIS is available 24 hours a day. Direct communication with Eielson Range Control (ERC) personnel is available whenever USAF aircraft are operating in active MOAs or Restricted Areas. This 10 hour window varies between 0700-2200 local and information regarding daily activation times is available in advance by contacting the 353rd Combat Training Squadron (CTS) Joint Scheduling Office (JSO), (907) 377-2104/3005.

Recorded information regarding airspace activation is provided when ERC personnel are not on duty. SUAIS is available to pilots by telephone at 1 800 758-8723. It is also available on selected UHF frequencies and on VHF 125.3 Mhz. Recorded messages (when ERC is not open) are available by both phone and VHF 125.3.

ERC does not have FAA authority to provide Air Traffic Control (ATC) services SUAIS is limited to information regarding the airspace activity status and the exchange of information on the approximate position of known civil and military aircraft. ERC has radar sites located near Donnelly Dome and the east side of R2205. These sites provide radar coverage from Fairbanks to south of Delta Junction in the areas of the Alaska and Richardson Highways. However, The ability to see small aircraft without transponders is limited.

The service is provided as a supplement, and is not intended to replace ATC services provided by the FAA. Detailed information may be obtained from the USAF internet site hosted by the 611 Air Operations Center at: Pilots should contact the nearest Flight Service Station for the latest NOTAM information concerning SUA and MTR use.

The SUAIS radio (VHF 125.3) antenna sites are located:

1. Eielson AFB On Base
2. Hill 3265 East Side of R-2205, on 3265' Mountain
3. Donnelly Dome 3910' Peak, 13 NM South of Big Delta, West of Richardson Highway
5. Knob Ridge 48 NM Southeast of Delta Junction on FAA's Knob Ridge RCO Tower. Out of service UFN
6. Far Mountain 7 nm East-Northeast of Chena Hot Springs, on 4800' mountain

Comments regarding this service may be directed to :

Federal Aviation Administration
Alaska Flight Services Information Area Group
222 W. 7th Ave, Box #14
Anchorage, AK 99513-7587
(907)271-5891, fax (907)271-2850
Email: Marshall Severson


611 Air Operations Center
9480 Pease Ave. Ste 102
Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506-2100
(907) 552-5103/552-4430

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