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Flight Advisories: White Mountain

White Mountain Flight Advisory

Fairbanks, Fort Yukon, Arctic Circle, White Mountain Areas

Posted Friday, August 13, 1999
Updated Thursday, December 13, 2007

Source: Alaska Supplement

Refer to the following caption.
White Mountains

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The graphic depicts the routes that are typically flown by flight-seeing commercial aircraft over the White Mountains between Fairbanks and Fort Yukon, and between Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle (just north of Beaver, AK). Aircraft are encouraged to use the Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 122.750 to make position reports.

The chart depicts the VFR reporting points commonly used by those flying in this area. The coordinates for these points are listed below, along with altitudes used for each segment of flight. When making a position report, give location, altitude, destination and/or direction of flight. Example: "White Mountain Traffic, Cessna 1234, Lime Peak, 7,500 feet, enroute Fort Yukon."

Be aware that routes may cross or parallel IFR airways.

BE ALERT! Climb early, stay high. Be sure your aircraft has the performance capability to operate in mountainous terrain. Obtain a current altimeter setting from the nearest facility. Check weather for route of flight, and file a flight plan.

Tour aircraft may have their radios turned down to talk to their passengers and therefore may miss a report. ALWAYS presume that other aircraft may be in your area and might have missed your call.

Expect the heaviest traffic in this area during the April - September months.

Be sure you report the correct altitude you are flying in order to maximize separation and minimize the mid-air potential.

Be sure to study up on your mountain flying techniques before flying in the mountains. There are many excellent books and pamphlets available. Consider reviewing and brushing up on your flying skills with a flight instructor.

Waypoints Latitude Longitude Elevation
Fairbanks 64� 48�49" 147� 51�35" 434
Lime Peak 65� 38�00" 146� 46�00" 5,062
Fort Yukon 66� 34�17" 145� 15�02" 433
Big Bend 65� 25�30" 147� 43�00" 3,012
Mt. Schwatka 65� 53�30" 147� 14�30" 4,177
Arctic Circle
(Just north of Beaver, AK)
66� 33� 38.6" 147� 15�00" N/A
Livengood 65� 28�36" 148� 40�15" 425
Fox NDB 64� 58�14" 147� 34�08" 730


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