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FAI FSS - Airport Photographs

Notice — These airport photos and data are not guaranteed to be error free. The data date on each page is the effective date of the Supplement Alaska  or Canadian Flight Supplement, as appropriate, from which the overlaid information is extracted. The date of the airport photo, whether from Google Maps or not, will normally be different. Always verify the information found here with the current Supplement Alaska (or Canadian Flight Supplement, as appropriate) and NOTAMs. We are now using Google Maps imagery wherever the resolution is sufficient. If not, we will use other photos if they are available. Historical photos are available in the Airport Photo Archives.

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Alaska Forecast Area Map

Arctic Slope Coastal North Slopes of the Brooks Range Northern Seward Peninsula and Lower Kobuk Valley Koyukuk and Upper Kobuk Valley Upper Yukon Valley Tanana Valley St Lawrence Island and Western Norton Sound Southern Seward Peninsula and Eastern Norton Sound Lower Yukon Valley Kuskokwim Valley Yukon - Kuskokwim Delta Bristol Bay Cook Inlet and Susitna Valley Copper River Basin Central Gulf Coast Eastern Gulf Coast Kodiak Island Alaska Peninsula and Aleution Islands Southeast Alaska Canada

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