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FAI FSS - Airport Photos

Google Earth KMZ Files

These are Google Earth (KMZ) files that can be downloaded and opened in Google Earth. These files link to Alaska airport data images that overlay on the Google Earth imagery.  These are still under construction but there are quite a few airports already completed. These files will be periodically updated, so check back frequently to make sure you are using the latest version.

Caution — These airport images and data are only updated one per year or less and are not guaranteed to be error free. The data date on each airport is the effective date of the Supplement Alaska or Canada Flight Supplement from which the overlaid information is extracted. The date of the image will normally be different. If it is a Google Earth image, the date should be displayed in the lower left portion of the screen, perhaps depending on the version of Google Earth you are using. However, you will probably need to de-select the overlay images before that date appears. If the image is not a Google image, the photo date will appear on the photo itself, if available. Always verify the information found here with the current NOTAMs and Supplement Alaska, or Canada Flight Supplement as appropriate. Also be sure to delete any previous versions of the KMZ file that you may have saved in Google Earth so they do not continue to be displayed.

There have been some problems with Google Earth properly displaying image overlays. The most common problem is that a portion of the image appears black, but there may be other strange effects as well. If you experience such an issue, the first thing to do is to make sure you have the latest version of Google Earth installed. If you have done that and are still having an issue, check this link for further troubleshooting ideas.

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