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Military Activity

This page will focus mostly on military airspace in the Fairbanks hub flight plan area which includes roughly the northern two thirds of mainland Alaska. Alaska is home to a lot of Special Use Airspace (SUA). We have three military bases in our flight plan area that launch aircraft into various SUA areas. They are; Ladd Army Airfield in Fairbanks, Eielson Air Force Base about 20 miles southeast of Fairbanks and Allen Army Airfield about 75 miles southeast of Fairbanks. These bases launch a wide variety of aircraft including Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs). There are all types of Special Use Airspace (SUA) and other related airspace in the area including Restricted Areas, Military Operations Areas (MOAs), Military Training Routes (MTRs) and ATCAA areas.

These types of airspace are described in the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), however, Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace (ATCAA) is only mentioned in the Pilot Controller Glossary under "ATC Assigned Airspace." In simpler terms, ATCAA is simply the equivalent of an MOA at FL180 and above. This airspace is not depicted on any chart but is often an extension of an MOA to higher altitudes and usually referred to by the same name. For example, there is an Eielson ATCAA directly above the Eielson MOA. In fact, in the area described in the next paragraph, every MOA does have an ATCAA above it. Plus there are two additional ATCAA's that do not have MOA's under them. Here is a map of MOA and ATCAA areas within Anchorage ARTCC airspace that I found on their website. This map was created in February 2008, so it may or may not be current. Do not rely on it for anything critical. Anchorage Center ATCAA Areas (PDF)

Eielson Air Force Base is host to Operation Red Flag about 3 or 4 times a year and Operation Northern Edge once a year. For more information about these exercises click here: Red Flag/Northern Edge.

There is a service provided by Eielson Range Control called Special Use Airspace Information Service (SUAIS). This is provided both via telephone and VHF radio at 800-758-8723 and 907-372-6913 and on frequency 125.3. They do not provide any Air Traffic Control services but they can provide you with "near real time" information about military activity in the above mentioned area. A brochure published by the U.S. Air Force explaining this service may be found at: SUAIS Brochure (PDF)

This link will take you to the Elmendorf Air Force Base website which contains a lot of helpful information about special use airspace in Alaska including the above linked brochure.

Be sure to check details regarding the missile defense area just south of Allen Army Airfield in Delta Junction. The airspace is not restricted but pilots are advised to avoid the area which is described in the Notices section of the latest Supplement Alaska. Missiles may be launched without notice which could ruin your day if you are in the way. The current Supplement Alaska is available online at: Supplement Alaska. After you search for Alaska, there is an area that says, "A/FD Legend, Supplemental and Hot Spot Info." You will need to click on "supplemental" to download that section which is a large file (26 MB)(255 pages). This will vary as updates occur, but at the time of this writing this notice is located on page 382 of the Supplement, which is on page 108 of the pdf document. Page 1 of the pdf document is page 275 of the Supplement.

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