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FAA International Flight Plan for
Domestic Use

FAA Flight Service* transitioned to mandatory use of the International Flight Plan format for domestic and international civil flights on August 27, 2019. With the exception of military flight operations, the international format is required for all IFR and VFR flights across the NAS.

* Flight Service providers include Alaska Flight Service, the Flight Service contracted service provider in CONUS, HI, and PR, and on-line service (

What's Different?

  • Type of Flight
    • G – General Aviation
    • S – Scheduled Air Service
    • N – Non-scheduled Air Transport Operation
    • X – Other than any of the defined categories above
  • Wake Turbulence Category (maximum certificated take-off mass)
    • H – Heavy (300,000 lbs. or more)
    • M – Medium (less than 300,000 lbs. but more than 15,500 lbs.)
    • L – Light (15,500 lbs. or less)
  • Equipment (See Item 10 and Item 18 in instructions)

ICAO Changes

Your online entry format may be different, check with your provider for specific instructions.

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