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Business Management

The Business Management Team is responsible for managing, tracking and processing financial, budgetary, contracting, HR and administrative requirements for the Office of Performance Analysis.


Business Plans - Develop the Performance Analysis Business Plans in accordance with Agency policies and publishing them in a timely manner. Modifying the plans as necessary and ensuring that they accurately reflect the priorities of directorate.

Spend Plans and Group Budgets - In coordination with senior management, develop and facilitate group budgets and spend plans for OPS and F&E funding based on the priorities set by senior management. Track spending against these plans and ensure groups are remaining within their budget requirements.

Contracts - In coordination with the other Group Managers, facilitate, monitor and track directorate contracts and contract spending. Ensure funding is available in a timely manner such that work is not interrupted or stopped.

Administrative Support - Order and purchase supplies for the directorate and provide administrative support for senior and group management. Manage and track staffing and training for all AJR-G personnel.

Human Resources - Process all personnel actions for the directorate and facilitate all employee pay, time and attendance, benefits and performance processes for directorate groups.

Policies and Orders - Manage and coordinate the development of all directorate policies, procedures and standard operating practices. This includes maintaining an order repository that tracks the history of previous versions.

Capital Programs - In coordination with Capital Program managers, develop and manage all directorate capital program budgetary requirements and processes. This does not include the technical requirements or setting overall capital program course.

Acts as the primary point of contact for all external FAA administrative, human resource and personnel contacts and resources.


  • System Capacity Capital Program

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