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System Data and Infrastructure

The Data and Infrastructure group is responsible for developing and maintaining the data and system infrastructure needed by the directorate to perform its mission. The group will establish and procure the needed hardware and software resources that the groups will utilize to build products and perform analysis. The group is responsible for hosting and delivering the directorates products, websites and outward facing delivery requirements.


System Infrastructure - Working with the Group Managers, establish the needs of the directorate for developing a stable, redundant and performance driven system infrastructure. This infrastructure shall be expandable as needed and contain the data sources required that the groups can complete their responsibilities.

Data Collection/Delivery - Establish a well-designed data architecture so as to reduce multiple data points and data duplication. Work with Operations Analysis group to select and establish a single authoritative data source from multiple data sources.

Resource Management - In coordination with the Group Managers, establish, procure and manage the data and software resources for the directorate. This includes all hardware and software licensing requirements such as Tableau, Oracle and other licensing needs.

Technical Documentation - Establish and manage a technical document repository that will house all data, metrics and infrastructure technical documentation and operating procedures. For example, when the Operational Analysis group establishes a process and hands the process to the Data and Infrastructure group to implement, the Data and Infrastructure group will handle the storage of the technical documents describing that process.

Hosting and Delivery - Establish a stable and robust hosting environment that will deliver the products/tools developed by the Product and Development group. Coordinate with the other organizations to establish the delivery needs for their products.


  • OPSNET-R Capital Program
  • DVARS Capital Program
  • OMD Capital Program
  • ASPM
  • NAS Data Warehouse

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