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System Data Policy

The Data Policy Group is primarily responsible for ensuring that all NAS data requests are processed and approved in accordance with applicable rules, regulations and laws. The Data Policy group is vital in ensuring NAS data and data protection programs are managed in a way that guarantees protection and security of FAA systems and sensitive flight data.


Data Release Process - Develop, update and manage the policy that establishes the National Data Release Board (NDRB) and the procedure by which the NDRB processes and releases operational data to organizations outside the FAA.

Data Policy and Orders - Maintain and update FAA order 1200.22 ensuring it remains to date and accurately reflects the process in which data is requested, released and the authority that can approve data releases. Work with other FAA organizations and committees to ensure that data orders and policies do not overlap and work in harmonization with each other.

Security/Privacy Programs - Ensure that the Blocked Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program is managed in accordance with laws and regulations. Manage and establish procedures for taking BARR requests, approving the requests and ensuring that data delivery systems are up to date with the latest BARR list and are not releasing sensitive flight data.

Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS) Program - Support the Director as they represent the FAA on the CFIUS board and meeting the requirements as established by the Executive Branch.


  • BARR
  • NDRB

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