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System Product and Development

The Product and Development Group is responsible for the identification, development, modification and overall management of all products/tools utilized by the directorate and its customers. The group is the primary point of contact for the airlines, ATO lines of business and contracting companies for the purpose of developing operational decision-making products for the NAS.


Product/Tool Development - Identify the needs of the directorate customers and stakeholders and develop tools and products to assist in making critical decisions to improve NAS performance and efficiency. These products can be used in planning, historical review, or near real time decision making.

Agency and Customer Relations - Develop relationships with Agency and Industry customers which lead to continuous product improvement and customer support. Develop briefings and lead training sessions to Agency and Industry customers in the use of products developed.

Group Branding - Develop and maintain the branding and overall look of directorate products and tools ensuring they have a uniform and consistent look and functionality. Branding goal should include the development of a "one stop shop" suite style of products and tools.

Technical Transfer - Act as the primary point of contact for the technical transfer of contract developed tools and products. Ensure that all products transferred to the Agency are modified to meet current branding requirements.

Quality Control - Ensure data and metrics that are included in products are accurate and conform to the analytical requirements set by the Operational Analysis group prior to release to customer.

International MOC - Provide Operational Performance Metric support for FAA Memorandums of Cooperation in Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. Develop guidance on Operational Performance for the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP). Develop and provide training material on performance measures for CANSO.

2017 Report 2017 Comparison of Air Traffic Management-Related Operational Performance: U.S./Europe
This report provides EU/US trends in aviation performance through calendar years 2015-17. The performance review covers similar geographical areas with the US controlling approximately 50% more flights with approximately 40% less staff. Europe experienced more delay in the en-route phase, which requires the coordination of 37 different Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). US traffic continued to grow in congested areas while runway construction was underway at several key airports. Using harmonized metrics, the report provides performance trends for Air Traffic Management Delay, Punctuality and Flight Efficiency, which reflect the effects of traffic growth, weather and runway construction. The FAA supports this effort to compare air navigation systems as the results are critical to the FAA maintaining global leadership and achieving U.S. aviation goals.
View Report (PDF, 5.7 MB)

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