RTCA SC-214 is jointly established with EUROCAE WG-78 to develop standards to define the safety, performance and interoperability requirements for Air Traffic Services (ATS) supported by data communications. Data Communications in support of the NextGen Air Transportation System and Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) Initiatives will introduce services that allow evolution from the current workload intensive, voice-based air traffic control concepts, to collaborative, management-by-exception operations. Advanced data links between ground and airborne systems are envisioned to increase sector-based traffic capacity allowing greater user access and more efficient flight routing.

UPDATE: February 8, 2014

Updated VDL Subgroup work space with material from Nov 2013 Melbourne, FL meeting under VDLSG Work Space.

Committee Info - Products Table
Safety and Performance Standard for Advanced ATS Data Comm. Services
Interoperability Standard for Data Comm. Via ATN
Interoperability Standard for Data Comm. Via a Mix of ATN and FANS-1/A

Established: March 22, 2007