The Technical Programs Branch is responsible for the management and implementation of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 205 Aircraft Accident Liability Insurance certification and Part 298 Exemptions for Air Taxi and Commuter Air Carrier Operations.

Part 298 Subpart B Exemptions for Air Taxi and Commuter Air Carrier Operations

  • OST Form 4507 (PDF): Air Taxi Operator and Commuter Air Carrier Registration and Amendments. *** UPDATED ***

Part 205 Policies of Insurance for Aircraft Accident Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

  • OST Form 6410 (PDF): US Air Carriers Certificate of Insurance.
  • OST Form 6411 (PDF): Foreign Air Carriers Certificate of Insurance.

Please refer to the Filing Instructions on each of the forms for the addressee. Initial registrations must be mailed along with the filing fee. For other than initial registrations, forms filed with the FAA, Air Transportation Division, AFS-200/AFS 260 may be completed electronically and sent via email to:

  •     **PREFERRED**


  • Fax to: (202) 267-5229
  • Mail to: Federal Aviation Administration
    Air Transportation Division, AFS-260, Room 831
    800 Independence Avenue, SW
    Washington, DC 20591

On Demand handbook: How to Become an On-Demand Air Carrier Operator