Advisory Circular (AC) 91-70A, "Oceanic and International Operations" contains general information and guidance for operators planning oceanic flights, including authoriza-tions needed for operations outside the continental United States. This includes Special Areas of Operation (SAO) such as North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (NAT/MNPS), Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM), Area Navi-gation (RNAV), and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) airspace. In all geographic regions, the evolution of communication, navigation, surveillance and air traffic man-agement (CNS/ATM) is the catalyst for initiatives such as data link, RNP, RNAV, Auto-matic Dependent Surveillance (ADS), and RVSM. Additionally, the FAA identifies critical areas and procedures such as Strategic Lateral Offset Procedures (SLOP). The dynamics of oceanic and remote international operations are such that they are constantly evolv-ing and it is incumbent upon the operators to closely monitor any changes.

Type of Operation Guidance Materials Overview Presentations Approval Mechanism Additional Information
RCP AC 120-70C CNS (SWF) OPSEC/MSPEC/LOA Guidance A056
RSP AC 120-70C CNS (SWF) OPSEC/MSPEC/LOA Guidance A056
Oceanic and Remote Continental AC 91-70A

AC 90-105A
CNS (SWF) OPSEC/MSPEC/ LOA Guidance :B034,B036, B038, B039, B040, B041, B043, B343, B044, B046, B050, B054, B055, B059, B342, B344

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