The Designee Quality Assurance Branch works with field offices, the regions and the headquarters policy divisions to improve the Designee Management System within Flight Standards. As such, the branch:

  • Develops and implements a risk-based approach for decision making within the designee management system
  • Develops business requirements to support a web based system for designee oversight. Collects and analyzes data on the performance of designees
  • Develops and implements survey tools to determine designee system effectiveness
  • Facilitates policy and administrative issues for the National Examiner Board (NEB), and is the repository for all applications from prospective designees. Provides the co-chairperson for the NEB. The NEB is responsible for creating and maintaining a national designee candidate pool, which provides the most highly qualified candidates to the FSDO/IFO/MIDO for appointment
Jay Kitchens
Branch Manager
Phone: (405) 954-4784
Fax: (405) 954-0550