Flight Standards Realignment Information


The Flight Standards Service Realignment is our comprehensive approach to increasing organizational efficiency, effectiveness and health. Our realignment moves all elements under four functionally aligned areas: Office of Air Carrier Safety Assurance, Office of General Aviation Safety Assurance, Office of Safety Standards and Office of Foundational Business. This structural and cultural realignment are critical steps in our transformation and shifts the focus of Flight Standards Service resources to streamline our certificate management, surveillance and compliance activities and processes by improving Consistency and Standardization across Flight Standards.

As an organization, we have also taken steps to model and improve interdependence, critical thinking and horizontal communications across the enterprise with the targeted objective of increasing our agility and responsiveness to the industry’s needs. On August 20, 2017, Flight Standards Service realigned from a regional (geographic) based organization to a functionally based organization and employs the Safety Management System (SMS) components of Safety Assurance, Safety Standards, Safety Risk Management and Safety Promotion.


The Flight Standards Service Realignment Informational Resources consolidates realignment reference materials in one place for ease of access. The Realignment Information is divided into four points of reference: an external stakeholder realignment message; an online informational area that contains several resource documents to include organizational contacts; an email address that is monitored from 8:00am-8:00pm Eastern time zone; and a telephone number that will also be available for the same time period.

Informational Resources

  • External Stakeholder Realignment Message (PDF)
  • Policy, Informational Documents and Organizational Contacts
    This site will be the first area of information to review information regarding:
    • Our new organizational structure
    • Listing of responsibilities/quick reference guide (who to call for specific items)
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Organizational Codes Crosswalk (the office name/code was this and now it is that; also contains office telephone numbers)
  • Rapid Response Team
    If you are unable to determine who to contact or you still have an outstanding issue or question, please contact us at: