Aircraft Certification Service (AIR)

Alternative Fuels Program Staff (AIR-20)

The AIR Alternative Fuels Program Staff is the advocate and focal point for regulations, policies and certification programs for fuel related activities. This office is responsible for addressing the Unleaded Avgas Transition Aviation Rulemaking Committee (UAT ARC) recommendations to meet the Destination 2025 goal of having an unleaded replacement fuel that is usable by most general aviation aircraft.

For more information on Unleaded Avgas, visit the FAA's Aviation Gasoline website.

Federal Aviation Administration
Alternative Fuels Program Staff (AIR-20)
12 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803

Phone: 781-238-7165
Fax: 781-238-7199

Other Locations:
Fuels Program Branch (AIR-21)
4500 Mercantile Plaza Dr.
Suite 200
Ft. Worth, TX 76137

Phone: 817-321-7651