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Vision Elements

The transformed Aircraft Certification Safety System will embody eight key characteristics that will collectively advance AIR's safety mission and related stakeholder outcomes. These interdependent "Vision Elements" define the desired end state through activities identified in partnership with stakeholders.

Though described independently, it is important to emphasize the interconnectivity of these Vision Elements. As such, they are highly interdependent parts of a holistic vision for the future, touching all aspects of the Aircraft Certification Safety System. For example, AIR employees must be empowered with the knowledge, tools, and discretion to cultivate the strong relationships needed to engage organizations early in the development of innovative technologies or practices. These relationships, in turn, are strengthened by clear accountability as well as effective tools that enable the sharing of information and promote a common understanding of performance. In this manner, each Vision Element is enabled by, and enables, other Vision Elements. This mutual reinforcement is necessary to advance key safety and stakeholder outcomes in the future system, and was the basis for selecting the eight Vision Elements.

Decoration Icon for Vision Element: Embrace the Accountability FrameworkEmbrace the Accountability Framework

Decoration Icon for Vision Element: Integrate Risk-Based Decision MakingIntegrate Risk-Based Decision Making

Decoration Icon for Vision Element: Promote International PartnershipsPromote International Partnerships

Decoration Icon for Vision Element: Foster InnovationFoster Innovation

Decoration Icon for Vision Element: Strengthen AIR-Industry RelationshipsStrengthen AIR-Industry Relationships

Decoration Icon for Vision Element: Implement an Information Management StrategyImplement an Information Management Strategy

Decoration Icon for Vision Element: Cultivate a Learning OrganizationCultivate a Learning Organization

Decoration Icon for Vision Element: Enrich the Collaborative Work EnvironmentEnrich the Collaborative Work Environment

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