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Using This Site

This site contains the same information as the Comprehensive Strategic Plan (CSP) document, but in an interactive, easy-to-navigate format.

  • On the left side of each page is a navigation area that can be used like a Table of Contents. Previous Page and Next Page links at the bottom of each page also allow you to navigate through the CSP as it appears in the PDF document.
  • Hyperlinks throughout the site help illustrate the relationships between the different components of the CSP.
  • Most of the larger figures also contain hyperlinks, allowing you to navigate to a different place in the CSP by clicking on a portion of the figure.
  • Some pages include additional information, such as definitions found in AIR's Blueprint for Transformation .

As you click on different links and move through the various components of the CSP, you can end up anywhere in the document. If you lose track of where you are, use the navigation on the left side of the page to reorient yourself.

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