AIR Transformation

Investing in Management Systems to Improve Performance

Investing in management systems requires that AIR measure performance with goals and targets, improve governance and operating norms, and invest in new tools and infrastructure. To date, AIR has:

  • Implemented the ODA Scorecard (video) as a measurement tool and process for culture change
    • Completed Summary Performance Reports of ODA Performance Metrics that demonstrate progress and identify areas for improvement to increase effectiveness for the FAA and Industry:
  • Deployed Risk-Based Resource Targeting Alternative (RBRTa) and Risk-Based Resource Targeting ODA (RBRTo) tools
    • Designed to easily assess the complexity of a project and the experience of an applicant and provide a recommended level of involvement on a rule-by-rule basis
  • Developing performance metrics and guidance to help measure the overall health of the certification process.

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Last updated: Friday, November 19, 2021