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AIR Transformation


Part 23 for Designees
The 14 CFR 23 Part 23 airworthiness standards for general aviation airplanes went into effect August 30, 2017. Learn about how it affects FAA designees.

Functional Realignment 2017
AIR realigned to a functionally-organized structure on July 23, 2017. Learn about this important milestone and how it enables AIR Transformation.

State of American Aviation Manufacturing (Hearing)
Watch former Aviation Safety Associate Administrator Peggy Gilligan and AIR Executive Director Dorenda Baker testify in front of the House Aviation Subcommittee.

AIR Transformation for Designees
Learn about why AIR is transforming, how reorganizing enables that Transformation, and what exactly this means for designees.

Revitalizing General Aviation: The New Part 23
Learn about how the newly proposed airworthiness standards for GA airplanes (14 CFR 23 Part 23) will help streamline the approval of new technologies in type-certificated airplanes.

CPI Guide: A Transformational Tool
Learn more from AIR and Industry reps about the FAA & industry Certification Process Guide (CPG), a transformational tool that establishes a clear, up-front understanding of the needs and expectations of all parties involved in the product certification process.

Reciprocal Acceptance: What does it mean for me?
Learn about how our international agreements with the E.U and Canada enhance safety, make our workload more manageable, and enhance our global leadership status, while saving time and money for Industry.

What's happening with the ODA Scorecard?
Several industry reps and AIR Director Dorenda Baker share their thoughts about the Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Scorecard.

Using the ODA Scorecard to Foster Constructive Dialogue
Learn how the Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Scorecard Prototype encourages constructive dialogue between the FAA & ODA Holders.

Safety Continuum Briefing (MS PowerPoint)
Learn how AIR balances the needs of applicants, aircraft owners and operators with the public's demand for safety assurance.

Taking Control: How We Can Address the Leading Cause of Aviation Accidents
Learn about collaborative FAA-Industry efforts to address significant unintended departures from stable, expected flight paths (Loss of Control).

CFIT: What more can we do?
Learn about the causes and potential mitigation strategies for addressing Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents.

CAPSTONE: Know Thy Equipment Training Series
Learn the ins and outs of using Capstone equipment in this series of short training modules.

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