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Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center

Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, state of Oklahoma with city skyline

The Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, provides critical products and services that touch all aspects of aviation. Our mission is to directly support the safe and efficient operations of our national and international aviation system and provide competitive business solutions for our customers. See what's going on at the Center... More »

The Center has the following core service functions:

MMAC Banner FAA Academy, 76,000 Students trained annually, delivering training to 170 countries worldwide Enterprise Services Center, First Federal Agency to become DATA ACT Certified, Designated as 1 of only 4 financial services providers FAA Logistics Center, 63,000 stock numbers managed, $900 Million in operating inventory and services Facility Management, Winners of the sustainability award in Energy Conservation for 7 consecutive years, oversight of 1,057 acres and 133 buildings

What's New

As cooler temperatures draw near, everyone seems to be enjoying the outdoors and start of fall season, and hopefully a recent visit to the great State Fair of Oklahoma. We were delighted to recognize so many talented employees during our recent Pathfinder Awards and we are extremely appreciative to the Astronaut Scott Altman for coming to be our keynote speaker and sharing with everyone his vital insight about the value of collaboration and teamwork. This month we were glad to host our AMC Town Hall and update employees about some of important activities occurring among our organizations. We're excited about launching the new Aeronautical Center Employee Development (AsCEnD) program and look forward to receiving many applications. More »

The Center Story

The Center occupies approximately 133 buildings, is located on 1,100 acres in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and has a heritage rich in aviation...More »

Center Impact

It's our allegiance to partnership that keeps us strong. Without having crucial partnerships, our organizations and the Center would not be where it is today...More »

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