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Office of Facility Management

Facility Management


The Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center aspires to have a world class Environmental, Occupational Safety & Health Program which emphasizes a culture where management and employees collaborate to create a workplace where there is no harm to employees or the environment.


The mission of the Facilities Services Division is to be the leader in:

  • Protecting FAA employees, contractors and students, the environment, and the nation's natural resources
  • Preventing employee injury and illness, pollution and waste, and inefficient use of natural resources
  • Promoting continuous improvement throughout the Aeronautical Center community
  • Preserving the FAA mission


  • Maintain safe and healthful work environment for employees, contractors, students, and visitors at the Aeronautical Center
  • Lead the effort to reduce energy and water use at the Aeronautical Center by adopting best industry practices and cost-effective, energy-efficient technologies.
  • Effectively manage the Aeronautical Center Environmental Occupational Safety and Health Management System (EOSHMS) to reduce the environmental impacts and minimize and/or eliminate occupational safety and health OSH) impacts in order to be good stewards of the environment and to improve employee health & safety
  • Develop and implement information technology solutions for Facility Management to ensure effective management and operation of Aeronautical Center facilities.

Rebate History from  2011 to 2017

Since it began in 2011, MMAC has received over $375,000 worth of RECs using the "Rebates-to-RECs" program to meet renewable energy requirements. This equates to credit for over 100,000 megawatt hours of electric energy ��� enough to power nearly 10,000 homes for a whole year!

Pollinator Habitat

Pollination is a process vital to the reproduction of many plant species where pollen is transferred between plants by means of an outside agent, a pollinator.

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