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Community Involvement

As the FAA carries out its mission to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world, we are accountable to the American public.

The views of communities–including local residents, the general public, and stakeholders–are important to the FAA as we take the next steps to advance the national airspace system. The FAA is committed to inform and involve the public, engage with communities and give meaningful consideration to community concerns and views as we make aviation decisions that affect them.


The FAA's Metroplex initiatives are improving traffic flow and reducing congestion in major metropolitan areas across the country.

Metroplexes—metropolitan areas with multiple airports and complex air traffic flows—provide a successful way to de-conflict airspace in congested areas with multiple airports, which expands efficiency gains that ripple to other areas. The FAA has completed or is at some point in the study, design, evaluation, or implementation phase for 12 metroplexes.

Single Sites

The FAA's Single Site initiatives are optimizing the airspace surrounding smaller cities. This allows airports to replace legacy conventional procedures or to provide new precision procedures for airports wherein none existed prior.

Single Site procedures can be implemented at major airports where there is no impact to adjacent airports outside of existing Metroplex initiatives or if no Metroplex initiative exists for the airport in question. Single Site projects are those projects accomplished in accordance with Joint Order (JO) 7100.41A, Performance Based Navigation Implementation Process. The FAA has completed or is at some point in the study, design, evaluation, or implementation phase for numerous Single Site projects.


FAA Community Involvement Manual (PDF)
Provides FAA practitioners with an understanding of the value of community involvement and describes practices and effective techniques for community participation.

Community Involvement Performance Based Navigation Desk Guide (PDF)
Supplements the FAA Community Involvement Manual and the Air Traffic Organization Community Involvement Plan with guidance for FAA PBN Practitioners on roles and responsibilities in carrying out community involvement activities throughout a PBN project. For more information please see PBN dashboard.

Community Roundtable Information Sheet (PDF)
Outlines what a roundtable is, how a roundtable can help, and FAA's role.

FAA Air Traffic Organization Community Involvement Plan (PDF)
Establishes a standard, repeatable process to ensure productive and effective community involvement for Performance Based Navigation implementation projects.

Elements of Part 150 Noise Compatibility Programs and Community Roundtables Information Sheet (PDF)
Describes and highlights major aspects of each approach.

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