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Community Involvement — Columbus, OH

New Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures use satellite-based precision to fly more direct routes, saving fuel and time, increasing traffic flow, and resulting in fewer carbon emissions. These procedures are being or have been implemented in airports across the United States.

John Glenn Columbus International Airport will soon become one of those airports. PBN procedures are currently in design, and more information will be put on this page as it becomes available.

PBN is a part of the FAA's Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen. Next Gen is a conversion of our current, ground-based navigation, communication and surveillance infrastructure to a satellite-based system that provides greater capability to efficiently move traffic, as well as enhance safety, greater system flexibility and environmental benefits.

Today, the air traffic infrastructure has ground-based facilities, which are aging and becoming expensive to maintain. Satellite-based technology provides us with a system capable of efficiently handling the demands and complexities of the future.

The public is invited to learn more about proposed improvements to air traffic procedures near Columbus, OH. These air traffic improvements are part of the FAA’s modernization of the National Airspace System through the use of satellite-based navigation.

Known as NextGen, these updated procedures are currently delivering benefits throughout the nation, and are being proposed for Columbus. The proposed updates will enable pilots to fly more direct routes, saving fuel and time, increase traffic flow and create fewer carbon emissions.

Supplemental Materials

These boards present information as to the Timeline, the Environmental Process and the reasons and benefits associated with development of NextGen projects at the airport.

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