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Community Involvement — Teterboro, NJ


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is preparing a Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) to identify the potential environmental effects associated with an FAA Proposed Action to implement a new offset Area Navigation (RNAV) Global Positioning System (GPS) arrival procedure to Runway 19 at Teterboro Airport. Since the concept was first identified, the Teterboro Aircraft Noise Abatement Advisory Committee (TANAAC) and the FAA have worked to develop a detailed arrival procedure for an offset approach to Runway 19 at Teterboro Airport (TEB); the procedure was then refined to optimize pilot use.

The culmination of that work was reflected in a final recommendation identified in letters of January 8, 2018, and September 25, 2019, from TANAAC and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) respectively. FAA supports opportunities to work with airport operators and address community concerns when they align with FAA's mission to operate a safe and efficient airspace system.

Currently, aircraft arriving on Runway 19 at Teterboro Airport overfly the Hackensack University Medical and the densely populated communities of Hackensack, Teaneck, and River Edge. The FAA is seeking to respond to the request from the PANYNJ by making available an alternative arrival procedure that would overfly a transportation corridor and a less densely populated area, while maintaining efficient operation of airspace around the Airport.

Status of Engagement (Pre-release of Draft EA)

The EA is currently underway. Subsequent to the completion of the Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA), the document will be made available for public review and comment. Additionally, a public workshop is being planned to provide residents with a better understanding of the project and the ability to speak with Subject Matter Experts. Please refer back to this website for details regarding the public workshop.

TEB Public Workshop

The FAA is planning a public workshop to gather public input on the proposed changes. At the workshop, the public will be able to see the proposed paths and expected altitudes of these preliminary designs. The public will also be able to discuss the environmental process, and the proposed procedure with FAA experts and provide feedback.

On the day that the Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Assessment is published, the public review and comment period will be open for 30 days. Residents are encouraged to submit comments to the FAA either through the online link (which will be made available on this website), at the workshop, or both.

As required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the FAA will review and consider all comments received. As development progresses, we will update this page with details.

TEB Upcoming Public Workshops

Public Workshop – TBD





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