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28 Day NASR Subscription - Effective July 19, 2018


Changes to data requirements and attributes will necessitate changes to the format details on some of the existing subscriber files. The AFF, APT, ATS, AWY, FIX, HPF, MTR, and PFR file will have changes. Planned deployment is currently for the 19 July 2018 AIRAC effective date, which will be posted on 21 June 2018. Sample subscriber files are included. Changes are described in more detail within the README file.

Download the updated layout data that will be effective July 19, 2018.

This page contains the 28 Day NASR Subscription data effective July 19, 2018.


The following data are formatted in either AIXM 5.0 or AIXM 5.1.

  • AIXM 5.1 versions of the Navigation Aid, Airport, ASOS/AWOS, and Airway subscriber files are available. Download
  • AIXM 5.0 versions of Special Activity Airpace (SAA) subscriber files are available. Download

Shape File Data

The following class airspace definitions are provided in ESRI Shape format.

Legacy (TXT) Data

The following data are formatted in a flat text file format.

The layout data for the Legacy (TXT) formats are available as a single download, or individually.

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