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AIS Customer Service Changes

AIS customers currently submit questions and comments through this web site by using email links associated with This general email account will be phased out beginning April 12, 2019 and replaced with a new customer service portal. This portal is designed to ask a series of questions and route questions and comments to the correct person for timely responses. There is a registration process which takes only a few minutes to collect contact information and setup a new account. Customers will NOT be able to see another customer's question or contact information. Only AIS will have access to this information. The new portal allows customers to engage in two way dialog with AIS allowing for proper research and accurate responses. AIS expects to deliver a high level of customer service to its customers and believes these new enhancements will improve communication and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, customers using the current Aeronautical Data Inquiry (ADI) tool within the formerly named National Flight Data Center (NFDC) portal will see changes. The ADI tool was incorporated into the new customer service portal and will work similar as before with the new enhancements. Existing ADI users may use their current accounts and are not required to register again for the new portal.

The customer service portal will NOT change or affect the way customers already submit Aeronautical Data Changes (ADC), Aeronautical Chart Changes (ACCs) and IFP requests.

Customers without computer access will still be able to call the toll free phone number listed on AIS products for customer service.

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