The globe.Under the NAT 127 agreement, the FAA's AeroNav Products provides worldwide terminal instrument flight procedures service for the U.S. Army. Feasibility studies for equipment installation, airspace actions at overseas locations and overseas obstacle evaluations are included with this service. Short notice mission requirements are met by accomplishing "one-time mission reviews". These are quick turn-around reviews to support the Army's quick reaction mission objectives. Foreign Terminal Instrument Procedure (FTIP) evaluations are conducted on those host nation procedures that the Army wants placed in the DoD FLIP. They are screened using TERPs criteria and documented for publication.

International customers are accommodated as well. In some cases the host country deals directly with AeroNav Products and in other circumstances the country may work through a contractor. The services provided are varied. We may be asked to provide Quality Assurance to a procedure that would be flown by a U.S. flight inspection crew; make presentations or conduct workshops; develop procedures at given overseas locations; make on-site visits; host and brief international visitors; or share other requested technical information. Over the last several years the FAA has provided varying assistance to over 20 countries.

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