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Optimization of Airspace & Procedures in the Metroplex (OAPM)

A Metroplex is a geographic area covering several airports, serving major metropolitan areas and a diversity of aviation stakeholders.

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Metroplex Informational Video

In response to recommendations from the aviation community through RTCA's NextGen Mid-Term Implementation Task Force, the FAA is putting integrated NextGen capabilities in place to improve air traffic flow for an entire region, or metroplex. The FAA has identified 21 sites that include several commercial and general aviation airports in close proximity serving large metropolitan areas.

By optimizing airspace and procedures in the Metroplex, the FAA provides solutions on a regional scale, rather than focusing on a single airport or set of procedures. The optimization plan takes into account all airports and airspace that support each metropolitan area as well as how air traffic in those areas interacts with other metroplexes. It considers a myriad of factors including safety, efficiency, capacity, access and environment impact.

Using a consistent, repeatable approach, study teams of FAA and aviation community experts analyze the operational challenges of metroplexes and explore airspace and procedures optimization opportunities. Collaborative design and implementation teams then put in place the solutions the study teams recommend, including performance-based navigation procedures and airspace redesign. These Study Teams, made up of controllers, pilots, airport operations and technical team, will analyze a Metroplex's operational challenges and situations and explore the opportunities.

Map of current Metroplex locations as well as future locations. Minneapolis Metroplex Cleveland/Detroit Metroplex Boston Metroplex Phoenix Metroplex Las Vegas Metroplex Denver Metroplex Memphis Metroplex New York Metroplex Chicago Metroplex Seattle Metroplex Florida Metroplex Charlotte Metroplex Washington DC Metroplex Atlanta Metroplex Houston Metroplex North Texas Metroplex Southern California Metroplex Northern California Metroplex

Completed Metroplex Location(s)

Current Metroplex Locations

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