Business Services Group is a strategic partner with Flight Inspection Services operational organizations and provides technical expertise and specialized services in the effective use of human capital and financial resources to support Flight Inspection Services and agency missions. "Our vision is to ensure that Flight Inspection Services always has the right resources at the right time."

Key Goals

  • Create a diverse, high-performing motivated team
  • Deliver value-added products and services
  • Develop effective partnerships with customers and stakeholders

Management Services Team

The Management Services Team provides innovative solutions to the challenge of maintaining a highly skilled and diversified workforce to accomplish the Flight Inspection Services mission. We serve as the focal point for corporate-level policies and programs in all areas of human resources. Team members provide sound advice, analysis and timely service to management on recruitment, retention, recognition, training and employee development, workspace planning, personnel security, directives and paperwork management, and emergency readiness.

Financial Services Team

The Financial Services Team provides corporate-level financial expertise, analysis, and support; disseminates guidance, develops policy, consolidates Flight Inspection Services requirements and develops the annual financial plan. The team provides acquisition support for service contracts, develops and administers service agreements with domestic and international customers, both federal and non-federal, and support organizations.

Contact Information:

Business Services Group, AJW-31
6500 S. MacArthur Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73169