Section 3. Application for Identifiers and Name-Code Assignments

  1. Make requests for all identifier assignments in writing at least 120 days in advance of the proposed commissioning or effective date directly to AIS. Include the following information:
  1. For United States airport:
  1. Name of the airport (must include site number, if civil airport).
  2. Name of city and state where located.
  3. Type of airport (whether public, private, or military).
  4. Coordinates of airport location; i.e., latitude and longitude in degrees and minutes only.
  5. Center identifier of the ARTCC, if known, which has jurisdiction over area within which the airport is located.
  6. Name or identifier of the FAA tie-in facility for the airport.
  7. Name of scheduled air carriers (or MAC) serving the airport, if any.
  8. Associated NAVAID's and their assigned identifiers, if any.
  9. Type of weather reports which will originate at the airport, if any.
  1. For navigational aids:
  1. Name of aid as it is to appear on charts. (The general procedure for assigning location and facility names is contained in Order 7400.2, Part 1, Chapter 3. Any further questions regarding such names are to be directed to AIS.)
  2. Type of aid.
  3. Name of city and state where located.
  4. Coordinates of NAVAID location, i.e., latitude and longitude in degrees and minutes only.
  5. Airport identifier (if associated with an airport).
  6. Whether located within airport boundaries or distance and direction from airport and whether it is intended to be on any airway.
  7. Whether the frequency of the NAVAID is allocated to a civil or military government agency, or non-federal concern.
  8. Whether permanent or temporary. (If temporary, specify planned period of use.)
  9. Proposed frequency, if available.
  10. Proposed commissioning date.
  11. If an ILS, or to serve a runway, advise runway number and outer marker name-code. (If second, additional, or partial ILS, provide outer marker name-code, even though an outer marker is not now planned. If a fix already exists over the proposed marker site, that name code should be provided.)
  12. Names and identifiers of the other navigational aids at the same location.
  1. For Weather Offices and Stations:
  1. City and State where located.
  2. Coordinates and elevation of Weather Station.
  3. Type of Station, as described in the publication, “National Weather Service Offices and Stations.”
  4. Distance and direction from airport
  5. Type of reports to be originated, entry station and circuit numbers.
  6. Operator (NWS, Coop Observer, Military, Airline).
  1. For Airspace Fixes Name-Codes:
  1. Name of airway fix as it is to appear on FAA Form 8260-2 or in an Airspace Docket.
  2. State in which located, or if over water, associated state.
  3. Type of airways fix (intersection, way point, coordination, etc.) and fix description (radials/distance), where applicable, otherwise coordinates or preferably both. If coordination fix only, reason required.
  4. Upon receipt of name-code from AIS, file an FAA Form 8260-2:
  1. To establish an airspace fix.
  2. If converting an existing airspace fix, to cancel the old fix name.
  3. For Air Traffic Control Coordination only fixes, include latitude and longitude and specify “no charting.” The ATC Coordination fix will then appear only in the appropriate Controller Chart Supplement and in the Airspace Fixes Section of this order.
  1. In all cases of identifier requests, include any other information pertinent to the situation or which may influence the combination of characters chosen for assignment.
  1. Forward request for location identifiers as follows:
  1. FAA offices: Federal Aviation Administration, Mission Support Services, Aeronautical Information Services (AIS), Washington, DC 20591.
  2. U.S. Military Facilities and Commands: Through each appropriate Military Headquarters Office.
  3. All others:
  1. Application for a weather observation/reporting station identifier should be sent to:
    National Weather Service
    Configuration Management Section
    1325 East West Hwy
    Silver Spring, MD 20910.
  2. Application for a non-federal navigational aid identifier is to be made to an air traffic service area office of the Federal Aviation Administration.