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March 25, 2021 - April 21, 2021



Information for Domestic Notices must be submitted electronically to Mission Support Services, Policy (AJV-P12), through the appropriate regional office; requirements are listed below. Notices must be submitted well in advance of the event, but no later than 28 days prior to publication. Changes to submissions cannot be accepted after the cutoff dates. Domestic Notices for special events are published in two editions prior to the event. Submissions, as well as inquiries, should be addressed to: 9−ATOR−HQ− (1−202−267−0140).

All Government organizations are responsible for viewing, downloading, and subscribing to receive electronic mail notifications when changes occur to this publication. Electronic subscription information can be obtained by visiting the aforementioned website.


Domestic Notices publishes special notices or notices containing graphics pertaining to almost every aspect of aviation, such as military training areas, large scale sporting events, air show information, Special Management Programs (STMPs), and airport-specific information.

Data in this section is updated continuously. All submissions for inclusion in this section must have regional office approval and be submitted to AJV−P through the regional office.

Notices for events requiring Special Traffic Management Programs (STMP) should be coordinated following the procedures in FAA Order JO 7210.3, Facility Operation and Administration.

Submissions should be sent to AJV−P well in advance of, but no later than 28 days prior to, the effective date of the Domestic Notices edition to ensure adequate lead-time for inclusion. Notices submitted for inclusion are published no earlier than two publication cycles (56 day periods) prior to the cycle in which the notice becomes effective. Special notices capture special events, like the Super Bowl, and are generally published in the NTAP for two consecutive publication cycles before their effective date. Notices that are more permanent in nature may be published until transferred to other appropriate Air Traffic Publications.

Note: Temporary data will be repeated in each issue for up to one year or until the condition ceases to exist (whichever comes first). Permanent data will be carried until it is sufficiently published or is available in other permanent sources. Notices must be renewed every 12 months until sufficiently published or made available in other permanent sources.

With the exception of dated special events, any notice submitted for inclusion must include the following information at the end of the notice: submitting office and date of the submission (e.g., AJV−P, 10/10/2019). In addition, all electronic mail submissions should specify a time frame in which to expect the removal of the notice from the website. Regional offices should notify AJV−P12 when notices no longer need to be published.

Text files should be submitted as Word documents. Any graphics submitted for inclusion must be of high quality; FAX copies will not be accepted. Graphics should be submitted in one of the following formats: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or PDF. Please do not submit graphics with a “.doc” file extension. Each graphic must be submitted as a separate attachment. Graphic notices may be submitted in color or black and white. Avoid using white text in any graphic. Copyrighted materials, such as maps, should not be submitted for publication without written permission of the copyright owner.

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