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April 22, 2021 - May 19, 2021


Notice to Pilots and Interested Personnel in Central and Southwest Texas


The U.S. Army/National Guard is conducting “lights out” tactical helicopter training. These operations are conducted day and night. The night operations are conducted without the use of exterior aircraft lights from the surface up to 200 feet AGL, outside four (4) nautical miles from any public-use airport, and within the boundaries depicted below:

Graphic depicting the lights out military helicopter operations areas in Central and Southwest Texas.

Beginning at lat. 31°24'00” N., long. 097°44'00” W./ North Fort Hood;

to lat. 31°30'00” N., long. 097°44'00” W.; to lat. 31°48'00” N., long. 098°07'00” W.;

to lat. 31°57'00” N., long. 098°37'00” W.; to lat. 31°48'00” N., long. 099°59'00” W.;

to lat. 31°23'00” N., long. 100°35'00” W.; to lat. 30°29'00” N., long. 100°40'00” W.;

to lat. 30°16'00” N., long. 098°42'00” W.; to lat. 30°43'00” N., long. 098°41'00” W.;

to lat. 30°45'00” N., long. 098°03'00” W.; to lat. 30°52'00” N., long. 097°52'00” W.;

to lat. 31°09'00” N., long. 097°55'00” W.; to lat. 31°17'00” N., long. 097°53'00” W.;

to point of origin.

( SJT 2/21/02)

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