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April 22, 2021 - May 19, 2021



Grayling Temporary Military Operations Area, MI

Effective Dates: 3-7 May, 2021, for Exercise EXOTIC TIGER
16-28 May 2021, for Exercise MOBILITY GUARDIAN

3-9 June 2021, for Exercise STING TO KILL

2-21 August 2021, for Exercise NORTHERN STRIKE

The Grayling Temporary Military Operations Area (TMOA) is established in the vicinity of Grayling, MI, to provide maneuvering airspace between the Grayling Aerial Gunnery Range

(R-4201A & B) and the Pike West MOA in support of Exercise EXOTIC TIGER, Exercise MOBILITY GUARDIAN, Exercise STING TO KILL, and Exercise NORTHERN STRIKE. The execution of these exercises allow combat air forces to practice weapons attack mechanics, target acquisition, and reaction to simulated surface-to-air threats while coordinating with friendly ground elements.

The exercise missions will be conducted from the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center located at the Alpena County Regional Airport, Alpena, MI; Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center located at Grayling, MI; and several military bases located in MI, OH, MN, IN, ND, VT, and MD. A maximum of 36 sorties per day/night will be performed during the exercises. The aircraft types participating in the exercises will include A-10, F-16, B-1, C-130, F/A-18, and B-52 with no more than 36 total sorties per day. Activities will occur between 10,000 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL) to, but not including Flight Level 180 (FL180).

The Grayling TMOA will only be activated for aircraft participating in the listed exercises. Military aircraft will conduct aggressive three-dimensional maneuvering by attack and transport category fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft involving abrupt, unpredictable changes in altitude, attitude, and direction of flight. Supersonic flight is not authorized in the temporary MOA. Chaff will be employed. Flares will not be employed.

Contact the Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) for status.

Grayling Temporary MOA, MI

Boundaries. Beginning at lat. 45°08’00”N., long. 084°39’00”W.;

to lat. 45°15’00”N., long. 084°08’08”W.;

to lat. 44°41’00”N., long. 084°06’00”W.;

to lat. 44°34’00”N., long. 083°59’11”W.;

to lat. 44°34’00”N., long. 084°35’00”W.;

to lat. 44°41’00”N., long. 084°40’00”W.;

to lat. 44°43’00”N., long. 084°40’00”W.;

to lat. 44°43’00”N., long. 084°38’00”W.;

to lat. 44°47’00”N., long. 084°38’00”W.;

to lat. 44°47’00”N., long. 084°39’00”W.;

to the point of beginning, excluding R4201A

and R-4201B when active

Altitudes. 10,000 feet MSL to, but not including FL180.

Times of use. May 3-7, May 16-28, Jun 3-9, and Aug 2-21, 2021: 0800-0200, daily; by NOTAM 4 hours in advance.

Controlling agency. FAA, Minneapolis ARTCC, Farmington, Minnesota.

Using agency. USAF, Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, Alpena ANGB, MI.

A graphic of the Grayling TMOA, MI

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