AGHME constellations are located at six sites in North America, as shown in the table below.

Clicking on the Flight Planning Information Column in the table will provide a map showing the general location of the constellation in relation to published routes and a detailed chart showing the optimal coverage area of the AGHME.

AGHME Locations and Operational Status
Location Operational Status Flight Planning Information Notices
Atlantic City, New Jersey green

In Service
Wichita, Kansas yellow

4 of the 5 elements are recording data
**Due to the north element being out of commission, the recommendation for monitoring purposes would be to fly jet route 182, however, if you choose this option the results cannot be guaranteed**
Cleveland, Ohio red

Site has been permanently closed. Facilities being relocated. Information on new site will be posted when it's available.
Phoenix, Arizona green

In Service
Portland, Oregon green

In Service
**To maximize your chance of successful monitoring the use of J1-189 is recommended. However, if you choose this option, the results cannot be guaranteed**
Ottawa, Ontario red

Out of Service
**System restore TBD**
Lethbridge, Alberta green

In Service