Performance-based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) Monitoring

This webpage contains information about PBCS for US Operators and US oceanic airspace.

Operators can obtain 6-month snapshots of the monitoring results for their actual surveillance performance (ASP) and actual communication performance (ACP) on the secure website of the FANS Central Reporting Agency (CRA), also known asthe Data Link Monitoring Agency (DLMA) in the North Atlantic region (see link below). These results support evaluationof the initial and continued compliance with the transaction time requirements for required communication performance (RCP)specification RCP240 and data delivery time requirements for required surveillance performance (RSP) specification RSP180. The FANS-CRA website contains additional tools and information to support PBCS approvals and monitoring. For more details, see the pdf file below.

FANS Central Reporting Agency

Information related to contents and navigation of the FANS-CRA website (PDF)

The FAA policy for issuing RCP and RSP approvals can be found at: FAA Flight Standards Service - Performance Based Flight Systems Branch.

For questions concerning monitoring results or for further information please contact: 9-ACT-FAA-PBCS-Monitoring

Last updated: Wednesday, August 31, 2022