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FAA Cybersecurity Awareness Symposium

Securing the Aviation Ecosystem | "Cyber Hygiene"

FAA Cybersecurity Awareness Symposium, 2020The Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Cybersecurity Group and the Office of Information Security and Privacy Service (AIS) have co-hosted the FAA Cybersecurity Awareness Symposium a.k.a "Cyber Day."

Each yearly FAA Cybersecurity Awareness Symposium seeks to promote cybersecurity awareness, collaboration, and partnerships between the FAA, Interagency Stakeholders, Industry, and Academia. The event is an opportunity to discuss current security challenges as well as to network with peers and leading industry experts.

Using the Site Map below, navigate through page contents by clicking on a sphere below to find information regarding current security topics and trends. Through information sharing of this type, we can strengthen the cybersecurity of the aviation ecosystem and meet our shared mission to provide the safest and most efficient aviation system in the world!

Information Security & Privacy Services (AIS) ATO Cybersecurity Group Aviation Cyber Initiative Program Management Organization Program Control & Governance Cybersecurity Engineering (CE) Integration Outreach & Planning (IOP) Enterprise Control Centers/Enterprise Data Services (ECC/EDS) Entreprise Cybersecurity Architecture, Domain, & Solutions ANG Cyber Test Facility (CyTF)/Penetration Testing Cybersecurity Testing (CT) ASH's Forensic Analysis/Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) NAS Cyber Operations (NCO)

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