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FAA Enterprise Network Services Program Government/Industry Working Groups

As part of the FAA's market research into current and future industry business and technical models, the FAA established joint Government/Industry Working Groups in partnership with the American Council for Technology — Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC). The working groups focused on three specific topics that are fundamental to the FAA Enterprise Network Services Program: (1) Acquisition; (2) Technology; and (3) Transition.

Each of the working groups conducted a series of meetings to establish a common understanding of the FAA's current operating environment, discuss challenges the FAA is facing, and explore the potential for emerging capabilities in the communications marketplace to assist the FAA in addressing the challenges. As a result of the working group meetings, a series of white papers (listed below) were developed by ACT-IAC to help further the FAA's understanding of the marketplace.

The information, conclusions and recommendations contained in the publication of the following white papers were produced by volunteers from industry and government advisors supporting the objective of more effective and innovative use of technology by federal agencies. The findings and recommendations contained in the white papers were based on consensus and do not represent the views of any particular individual or organization. These documents are not a reflection of any planned strategy or approach to FAA Enterprise Network Services Program by the FAA nor do they reflect the FAA's position on the issues discussed.

White Papers/Reports

  • FAA FTI-2 Recommendations for Acquisition Strategy Best Practices
  • FTI-2 Wireless White Paper
  • FTI-2 Security Considerations
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • FTI-2 Architecture White Paper
  • FTI-2 Parallel Ops; Successfully Transitioning Mission-Critical Services Between Contract
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Transition Best Practices
  • Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)-to-IP
  • FTI-2 Risks and Challenges

Background Information on ACT-IAC

ACT-IAC is a non-profit educational organization established to create a more effective and innovative government. ACT-IAC provides a unique, objective and trusted forum where government and industry executives are working together to improve public services and agency operations through the use of technology. ACT-IAC contributes to better communications between government and industry, collaborative and innovative problem solving and a more professional and qualified workforce.

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