Exemption 12555

Navigation Accuracy Category for Position and Navigation Integrity Category Exemption (12555)

The FAA has granted Exemption 12555 with a strict, limited timeframe in which operators must equip with new navigation receivers. Exemption 12555:

  • Does not exempt the requirement for compliant ADS-B Out equipment to be installed and operational on aircraft flying in ADS-B rule airspace.
  • Does allow for the extended use of an older type of GPS navigation receiver already installed in some aircraft. All other ADS-B Out equipment requirements must still be met and operational.
  • Was granted because multi-frequency/multi-constellation GPS navigation receivers suitable for transport category aircraft that meet the ADS-B Out Rule requirements were not available for purchase or installation in sufficient quantities until closer to 2020.
  • Imposes certain conditions, limitations and additional pre-flight responsibilities on the operators.

The deadline to seek the relief provided under Exemption 12555 was August 1, 2018.

An applicant who has failed to submit the required documents by August 1, 2018, has failed to comply with an express condition of the exemption and is not eligible to exercise the relief granted under the provisions of the exemption. Interested parties may refer to United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11, General Rulemaking Procedures, which describes a formal means to petition for exemption. Another option is to operate in accordance with the preflight prediction guidance described in Advisory Circular (AC) 90-114B, or latest revision.

Important information regarding the FAA revised policy for aircraft equipped with SA-Aware GPS

The revised policy does not cancel or modify Exemption 12555. Exemption holders must continue to comply with all conditions and limitations of the exemption.

However, operators may wish to revise equipage plans to reflect any changes affected by policy contained in this notice. Exemption 12555 only applies to the aircraft listed in submitted equipage plans, and those plans must be updated as they change, and at least annually to remain in compliance with the conditions of the exemption.

Important: Once terminated by an operator, Exemption 12555 will no longer be available to that operator, even if fleet equipage plans change. It is recommended that operators give this due consideration prior to requesting to terminate Exemption 12555.

In the event that an operator chooses to terminate the relief granted under Exemption 12555, the operator must complete all of the following actions:

  1. Using the "Request to Terminate Exemption 12555" letter template available on this website, complete the letter template to reflect your request.
  2. Send the completed request letter as an email attachment to 9-awa-equip.2020@faa.gov
  3. Upload a copy of the request letter to http://www.regulations.gov, regulatory docket number FAA-2015-0971, using the upload instructions provided on this website.
  4. Send a copy of the request letter to the FAA Office that holds your Operations Specification A005, Exemptions and Deviations or to a Flight Standards District Office if you do not hold an Operations Certificate.

Questions? Comments? Email us at 9-awa-equip.2020@faa.gov.

Last updated: Monday, May 1, 2023