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SWIM Interactive Developer Workshop

What is SWIM Interactive Developer Workshop?

SWIM Interactive Developer Workshop

Learn about SWIM data straight from the source, the FAA. Get hands on September 22-24 at the NextGen Test Bed in Daytona Beach, FL, during the SWIM Interactive Developer Workshop. The two and a half day event is for software engineers, developers, and data providers across the United States who have some experience using SWIM data and would like to do more. Space is limited, so apply early!

During the workshop, each participating organization will learn about different types of SWIM data, and get the opportunity to either develop into their own, already existing application, or work from a demonstration app provided by the FAA. At the end of both days present what your team has put together! While you're in developer mode, you will have SWIM Program representatives and Subject Matter Experts nearby to answer your questions.


Why should I attend this Workshop?
This is an important stage for SWIM, and as technical experts, you can never have enough interoperability. By attending the Interactive Developer Workshop, you will experience unique opportunities:

  • Get direct access to multiple types of SWIM data (Notice to Airmen, Flight Data Publication Service, Terminal Data Distribution Service, Traffic Flow Management, Weather).
  • Use SWIM data and your feedback will help future SWIM operations.
  • Showcase what you can do with SWIM data within a short period of time.
  • Build a network of SWIM data users.

Should I bring my own equipment?
Yes. The SWIM Outreach Team will notify you of the software and hardware you will need to bring to the NextGen Test Bed.

How can I attend?
No more than 2 people per organization may participate. Due to limited workspace, application does not automatically guarantee participation.

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