Standard Airworthiness Certification

Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations
Part # Title
Part 21 Certification Procedures for Products and Parts
Section 21.17 Designation of applicable regulations
Part 21, subpart H Airworthiness Certificates
Part 23 Airworthiness Standards: Normal Category Airplanes
Part 25 Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Airplanes
Part 27 Airworthiness Standards: Normal Category Rotorcraft
Part 29 Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Rotorcraft
Part 31 Airworthiness Standards: Manned Free Balloons
Part 39 Airworthiness Directives
Part 43, Appendix D Scope and Detail of Items to be Included in Annual and 100-Hour Inspections
Part 45, subpart C Nationality and Registration Marks
Part 47 Aircraft Registration
Part 91 General Operating and Flight Rules
Last updated: Wednesday, June 29, 2022