This page provides a dynamic means for FAA and industry to communicate on technical software issues that are unrelated to a specific project. FAA will use this page to gather industry and regulatory perspective and suggestions for improvements, and quickly provide feedback on software based airborne systems matters.

How we will communicate with you

  • Weekly, we will examine comments received in the e-mail Inbox. The CSTA for Aircraft Computer Software and the Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware team will:
    • Review your suggestions for software based airborne systems improvements and analyze them for potential implementation feasibility.
    • Identify issues that potentially impact or shape policy or future training.
    • Identify trends.
  • Monthly, we will post a report that includes summary of data from the email we receive. We will not address each comment, but will provide public visibility of all comments received by including them in the report. We will not include the commentator¬ís identity, and will filter comments only if required for web posting appropriateness. Any e-mail addresses provided to us through this web page will be handled in accordance with FAA privacy policy.

Providing Feedback

Let us know your thoughts, such as

  • Suggestions for software based airborne systems improvements.
  • Concerns, issues, or complaints about software based airborne systems or related policy, training, etc.

Submit your feedback.